7 Tips to Manage Time During CLAT

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things” - Peter Drucker

CLAT is one of the most competitive tests and overseeing time viably and effectively is critical to ace this test. Not organizing time productively is the fundamental factor responsible for failure in this test. Absence of time is the key reason behind why candidates can't finish the test. For efficient time management, candidates should be mindful just as speedy while noting the test.

200 questions to be answered in 2 hours is an intense assignment. This can be accomplished by overseeing time viably. Here are some tips that could make it easy for you to manage time effectively for the exam:

Allocating time for each section

The first step before taking any test is allotting time to the different segments in the paper. Proficient use of time is certainly the way to progress.

Below is a tentative allotment of time for each section:

Law School 101 Time Management for CLAT
Law School 101 Time Management for CLAT

The chart above is just a glimpse of how you could manage time for each section, nevertheless it depends on your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you are good at English language and if you do finish the section within 20 minutes, you could use those extra 5-10 minutes on a section which you are weak at. Do not waste time unnecessarily on any section. Even though you couldn’t finish a specific section at the specified time, skip through the section and move on to the next section. As there is no cut off marks for the sections, hence it is not necessary to waste time on the questions which you feel might take a lot of time. Rather leave those questions to the end and once you are done with the rest of the questions, you can take the rest of the time to finish the left out ones. Also, make sure to revise through your answers at the end.

Stick to the time you’ve decided for each section

Allot a specific time for each and every section of the exam. This will give you an idea about the structure and the type of questions that you can attempt first and fast. You could figure this out by quickly scanning through the entire paper and knowing which could be done quick. Make sure that scanning the entire sections should be as quick as possible.

Skip the questions you don’t know!

Try not to sit idle in questions that you don't have a clue about the appropriate answer. Proceed apidly to the following question. Try not to linger on that question. Similarly, do not invest more time on questions from your favourite topics. Keep in mind that each and every second counts.

Understand the question in the first reading

Solve earlier years’ CLAT Question Papers. Attempt to understand the questions in just one reading. For this, be present both physically and rationally. Make sure you understand the question with just with one read and answer it. When done right, this will give you a lot of extra time. Be alert and mindful.

Do not overdo it

Follow your gut and know your breaking point, and do what is conceivable within your limits. Follow the time pattern that you have set for each question and each section as well. Don't simply wander far from the inquiry or the subject. Be alert and mindful. This is the perfect method to oversee time successfully. Ace CLAT certainly by managing time efficiently.

Take as many mock tests as you can

It is advisable to the aspirants that they should give mocks regularly. The idea behind this is that giving mock tests would enable you to check your progress. It is important to note that one should not only keep giving mocks and collecting them. The proper strategy should be to solve the mock test and analyse all the correct and incorrect answers either on the same day or next day. Reviewing the mock is indispensable because that will determine your weaknesses and give you the chance to amend them. Take an interval of two days between two mocks and spend these days working on your weak areas that you discovered in the last mock. If you are consistent with this exercise till you appear for CLAT, there will be no concept you would not have dealt with and improved upon by the time you sit for CLAT. Taking mocks will also help you a lot in managing the time effectively.

Distraction eats your time

Applicants normally get diverted here or the other. The diversion could likewise emerge from a protesting invigilator, a competitor sitting alongside you in the test, his frightened perspective on observing a great deal of strange questions. Such deviations pop up during the test. These important minutes could have been used to respond to a few un-attempted questions. Thus, this is a guidance doled out to every one of the applicants showing up for the CLAT test: "Gather all your senses and keep them awake till you complete the question paper."

Additional Tips

  1. Never END with General Knowledge. For a straightforward reason being, it is a segment which takes around 8 minutes and gives you 50 marks which is 25% of the creation of CLAT paper. On the off chance that some way or another, you take 2 minutes extra for doing the various segments so 2 minutes extra for 4 segments will tally to 8 minutes. Since this was the time that you had given for GK, it will eat up into it, wasting precious minutes.

  2. Never end with reading comprehension in case you are attempting English section at last.

  3. Never end with puzzles if you are doing logical reasoning at last.

  4. Hence, managing your time effectively is key to complete your exam without leaving any questions behind. Remember that each and every second counts during the exam.

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