Law School 101 Creators Program

Now that CLAT is over, are you feeling restless before you receive your results, figuring out how to pass your time before you start your classes at law school? We have an opportunity for you!

Law School 101’s Creators Program is a chance for you to work with us on a paid internship program that comes with a certificate of work experience. Toppers of previous CLAT and AILET exams have worked with us through this program over the last five years, creating a formidable body of freely accessible content for law school prep.

We want your help in taking this project forward. We know that there are amazing teachers among all of you who can guide the next generation of India’s lawyers, teaching them and giving them a chance to study in college and offering an education that is limited to only the elite in the country. Join us to help us take our goal forward of improving access to legal education in India.

How to apply:

  1. Create a sample video of 6-9 minutes: take your favourite concept from the subject of Legal Aptitude (or any subject that you have chosen) and explain it as if you were addressing someone who has just started to prepare for CLAT. (Entries in languages other than English are also encourage)

  2. Upload the video on Youtube.

  3. Fill up the application form. This includes a blank to enter the link to the video.

We are not looking for high quality video production, even a screen recording will be fine. Please ensure that your voice is clear, as we only judge your entries on the basis of your teaching and explanations.


  1. The best entries will receive an offer to join our paid internship program that includes training on content creation and digital marketing.

  2. The next best entries will be featured across our social media handles.

  3. Selected interns are required to work out of our office in Hyderabad. A limited number of work-from-home positions are also available.

So don’t waste any more time, make your sample videos and submit your applications immediately. The selections are made on a first-come basis, so the sooner you submit your application, the greater the chance of your selection.

Please apply through the link here:

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